“We shall not cease our exploration, and the end of our search will be to arrive at our beginnings, and know the place for the first time” T.S.Eliot [Quartets–exact loc. to follow]

Significance and why this quotation has stuck in my mind will become clear as we proceed.

“We shall not c…


3 thoughts on ““We shall not c…

  1. All Aboooarrrrd! Hold tight as we chug rails over steep cliffs…A little late getting out of station; will make up for lost time during smooth, dreamlike higher elevations. Free ride to your favorite destination.

  2. Previous comment refers to new WordPress.com free blog: “The Bi-Polar Express” initiated this morning Sun. July 14th, 2013, 1:01 AM.

  3. ozdiwizard says:

    Hola, been delayed by circumstances within and beyond my control–but early sections will be easy, as they are indelibly engraved on my psyche…in the meantime check out RICK SPRINGFIELD’S new book: “LATE, LATE AT NIGHT” previewed on Dr. OZ show currently. You won’t ned Visine eye drops during this hour, Tears of sad and glad– with strong rapport with Dr. and large audience. Powerful stuff!

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